Leadership is Not For the Faint of Heart

Simply put, leadership is not for everyone. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart.

If you’re taken aback by that, know that there’s a reason I say this. Leaders are responsible, not only for their own success, but also for the success of the people around them.

What’s more, leaders must have the ability to translate a vision into reality

So not only must you be able to effectively lead others in the sense of helping them be successful and reach a common objective — you must also be able to lead yourself.

It can be a thankless job, but at its core, the greatest leaders are the ones that are able to positively and intentionally influence other people. They help organizations and the people within them reach their goals in order to achieve success.

And that’s tough.

On top of it all, oftentimes we as leaders take people to a place that we ourselves have never been. It can be uncharted territory. Imagine you’re at the front of that — leading someone to somewhere that you have never even gone. Leading people to do things that even you have never even achieved — yet, you are still responsible for achieving it.

Sound scary? The unknown certainly can be.

Ultimately, while leadership requires confidence in uncertain situations and the uncanny ability to lift others up in the process, the hard work always pays off.

It is completely about caring for others and wanting to see them succeed. When you help the people around you succeed, you succeed.



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Michael Mogill

Michael Mogill is Founder and CEO of Crisp Video Group, creator of the Crisp Game Changers Summit, and the author of the The Game Changing Attorney.