Culture is an organization’s DNA.

It exists in yours, whether by default or design. If you’ve been unintentional about setting yours, you run the risk of creating a culture of mediocrity, rather than one of excellence.

A culture of excellence requires intentionality.

When we began developing our culture at…

What’s really going on when you watch a professional sports draft?

They’re picking players, and trying to build that team to win championships.

As a business owner, you’re doing the same thing.

You get to pick your own players. You choose who you hire as well as what your organization…

Let’s talk about investing.

I recently received a question at a team meeting about investments. They wanted to know my thoughts on where to invest money to get the highest return. This could be anything — real estate, stock market, cryptocurrency, you name it.

Now, I’m not going to give…

Michael Mogill

Michael Mogill is Founder and CEO of Crisp Video Group, creator of the Crisp Game Changers Summit, and the author of the The Game Changing Attorney.

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