Many law firm owners often convince themselves that they have a revenue problem.

I believe they’re looking at it backward.

It’s not a revenue problem. It’s a reputation problem.

They don’t have a lack of revenue…

They have a lack of reputation.

Reputation will always precede revenue.

How much is enough?

What does it take to effectively target your audience?

How much do they need to see your content in order to actually make a buyer decision?

According to one study, which looked at over 20,000 advertising campaigns in order to understand the relationship between frequency and awareness and persuasion, it takes at least nine exposures to drive purchase intent and brand favorability.

So when you’re sending one email or running one ad and wondering why it isn’t working, just remember that your audience sees a lot of ads.

How do you build customer trust?

With a credible brand.

We use the word “brand” quite often, but maybe you’re not fully clear on its definition.

Here are a few examples to illustrate how consumers turn to trusted brands.

Look at these two shirts:

Culture is an organization’s DNA.

It exists in yours, whether by default or design. If you’ve been unintentional about setting yours, you run the risk of creating a culture of mediocrity, rather than one of excellence.

A culture of excellence requires intentionality.

When we began developing our culture at Crisp, we had to be very clear about our values. We determined our non-negotiables as well as our standards, which set the tone for what we would and would not tolerate. Then we acted on those to make decisions.

Taking action is key.

If you see something that’s off-culture and…

Do you need to be tech-savvy to run a law firm? Maybe. Maybe not.

However, as a business owner, you do need to understand what’s going on in your industry and how you can leverage these tools and technologies to stay competitive.

You cannot simply decide not to adopt those innovations because you don’t understand them.

These tools (cloud-based case management platform, voice over IP phone system, e-sign, and so on) often improve the client experience and make you more competitive.

Choosing not to understand them is no excuse.

Similarly with social media, willfully ignoring these trends is a…

Evolve or die.

Charles Darwin said, “It’s not the strongest who survive. It’s the ones who are most adaptable to change.”

There’s been a lot of change over the past year, especially from a business standpoint. As market needs and consumer expectations change, those who ignore them are going to have a difficult time not only competing — but surviving.

If you’re in an industry with a lot of different options (like legal), it’s really on you to adapt your organization to the needs of consumers.

Consumers have so many options of who they can work with, so how…

What’s really going on when you watch a professional sports draft?

They’re picking players, and trying to build that team to win championships.

As a business owner, you’re doing the same thing.

You get to pick your own players. You choose who you hire as well as what your organization looks like. So stack the deck.

Why wouldn’t you?

Look at some of the best teams, especially in the NBA — they’re just stacked. Certain players will move to another team and turn it into this all-star team that is constantly winning championships.

Why would you not want to…

Everything comes down to the decisions that we make.

You only have so many hours in a day to apply towards certain things you want to do. When it comes to how you spend your time, think of it in buckets.

You can split your time equally into several different buckets. This can be with work, fitness, family, friends, or whatever else it might be. If you make this type of wide distribution, you can be okay at each of those.

But if you want to be great at something, it will require a higher prioritization.

Increasing your focus…

Simply put, leadership is not for everyone. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart.

If you’re taken aback by that, know that there’s a reason I say this. Leaders are responsible, not only for their own success, but also for the success of the people around them.

What’s more, leaders must have the ability to translate a vision into reality

So not only must you be able to effectively lead others in the sense of helping them be successful and reach a common objective — you must also be able to lead yourself.

It can be a thankless…

Let’s talk about investing.

I recently received a question at a team meeting about investments. They wanted to know my thoughts on where to invest money to get the highest return. This could be anything — real estate, stock market, cryptocurrency, you name it.

Now, I’m not going to give financial advice. Every situation is very different. But the one consistent way of investing that I believe yields the highest return every single time is investing in yourself.

What I mean by this is investing time and money in things like books, courses, podcasts, conferences, mentors, coaches — anything…

Michael Mogill

Michael Mogill is Founder and CEO of Crisp Video Group, creator of the Crisp Game Changers Summit, and the author of the The Game Changing Attorney.

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